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Support and counselling - Health, addiction

Diocesan association

-> Psychological counselling centre

-> Family, life and social counselling

-> Addiction counselling

-> Pregnancy counselling

-> Debt counselling

-> Metzinger Tafel and clothes shop

You can get in touch with the Diakonische Bezirksstelle Diakonische Bezirksstelle (regional diocesan office in Metzingen)

Gustav-Werner-Strasse 20, 72555 Metzingen.


Addiction counselling "Diakonie" (Protestant social welfare organisations) Reutlingen

-> Counselling for adults with problems caused by alcohol, drugs, gambling or other addictive behaviours.

Appointments can be made by phone: 07121 948615 or e-mail:

Addiction counselling für young people (Baden-Württembergischer Landesverband für Prävention und Rehabilitation gGmbH)

-> Counselling for teenagers and young adults with problems caused by nicotine, alcohol, medication and/or drugs.

Appointments by telephone 07121 / 16550