Topic: Health


A visit to the doctor is difficult if you don't speak German well yet. In addition, the German health system probably works in a different manner to that which you are used to. Therefore, it is important for you to inform yourself before visiting the doctor. Here you will find information on the subject of "health".

Important numbers in an emergency:

Family doctor emergency service (if your family doctor's practice is closed):

116 117

Emergency number for ambulances and fire brigades


Migration and Health

The Ministry of Health provides information on the health system, health care services, nursing care and addictions. Here you will find material on various health topics - including vocabulary lists for medical emergencies as well as brochures on individual diseases or with help for visiting a doctor. You can also find various information material on topics such as pregnancy (depending on the language) here. For parents there are tips for everyday life with their children.

Material is available in 40 languages. You can find an overview  on this page. (In the blue box you will find a list of all available languages.)

Health for children

Counselling during pregnancy:

Information telephone for pregnant women of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. Flyer in the languages German, English, French, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Serbo-Croatian, Turkish, Arabic and Persian.

(all in the same document).

Preventive medical check-ups for children:

What preventive medical check-ups are available? Why are they important? Information of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in the languages  English, French, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Arabic   (all in the same document).


Zanzu provides information about sexual health in a simple language. The site uses text, but also many pictures offers information about pregnancy, family planning and contraception, sexuality, rights and laws, infections, the body and relationships and partnership. The entire site is available in 13 languages, including Russian, Turkish and Arabic. The texts can also be read out loud on request.

Visit the homepage in: German, English, French, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Farsi, Bulgarian, Polish, Albanian, Romanian, Spanish, Dutch.

More information for parents:

Breastfeeding recommendations for mums (to be):

Recommendations on breastfeeding, published by the Federal Office for Risk Assessment. German, English, French, Italian, Russian, Turkish and Arabic.

Midwife association - a good start in life:

The information brochure "How midwives help" informs about the work of midwives and how they can support young families. Languages: German, English, French, Arabic, Polish, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Turkish and Vietnamese.

Vaccination - Protection for your child:

The Federal Centre for Health Education provides information on why children should be vaccinated and which vaccinations are recommended. German, Turkish, Russian, Arabic and English.

Dental health with children:

Information about dental health and brushing teeth by Styria Vitalis. German, Albanian, Arabic, Bosnian/Croatian, Chinese, English, Farsi/Persian, French, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish, Hungarian.

Nutrition and Exercise:

General information on proper nutrition and exercise for children to promote their development. Available in the languages German, Albanian, Arabic, Spanish, English, French, Croatian/Serbian/Bosnian, Italian, Portuguese, Tamil, Turkish.

Information for parents of young children:

Information and practical tips on topics that young families often have to deal with in everyday life with their baby or toddler. About sleeping and breastfeeding to learning to speak In each case, 9 information sheets available for download Published by the "Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung"(Federal Centre for Health Education) in the languages  German, English, Turkish, Arabic and Russian.

Further Links:

The German pharmacy system:

When do I get which medication? For which illnesses do I need a prescription? A declaration by the "Bundesvereinigung deutscher Apothekerverbände" (Federal Association of German Pharmacy Associations) in the languages German, Albanian, Arabic, English, Farsi, French, Kurdish, Pashto, Russian, Serbian, Turkish and Urdu.

Picture dictionary for doctor visits:

Information sheet with pictures and important terms for visiting the doctor to show and in the languages German, English, French and Arabic.

Health for refugees:

Information on the health card, the sick note and the legal basis. Languages: German, English.

Arabic videos on the topic of health:

-> I Understand: This page contains Arabic and English videos revolving around the topic of health.

-> Alyaa Gad: Arabic and English videos on YouTube, where health issues and similar topics are discussed.

Translation aid gynaecologist

A booklet with the most important terms and sentences for a visit to the gynaecologist in German and Arabic.

Pregnancy and birth:

A booklet that provides answers to many questions revolving around pregnancy and birth in German and Arabic.

My baby - films for Arabic-speaking parents:

Youtube channel with important information for parents (German and Arabic)

Video: "Why can alcohol become dangerous for me?"

Available in German, English, Arabic, Farsi, Tigrinya