The laws and the people are different in every country. That is also true in Germany: There are some peculiarities. This is why you will find here an introduction to coexistence in Germany. In addition to information on the German Constitution, you will also find material on daily German culture and important topics such as equality.

Brochure: The German Constitution

This brochure provides the most important information about the German Constitution. Here you will find an overview of the rights and duties of all people in Germany.

The brochure is divided into different topics like "freedom of persons" or "marriage and family", and it explains which intentions are pursued with the German Constitution.

The brochure is available in the following languages: GermanEnglishArabic / Farsi  / French.

A complete version of the German Constitution in many different languages can be found here: German, English, Arabic, Spanish, Turkish, Persian.

Tolerance and participation - information films for refugees

The animated films of the Heinrich Böll Foundation show what it means to live in an open society.

It's about rights and norms, about opportunities that are offered for people to become involved, it's about having different opinions and that people have to accept this - and it's about the German Constitution as the uniting and binding foundation for our coexistence.

Both films are available in Arabic with German subtitles and in English with French subtitles:


Arabic with German subtitles

English with French subtitles


Arabic with German subtitles

English with French subtitles


What is equality? In numerous languages, this brochure brings across the message of equal rights between men and women, as well as equal rights for people of different sexual orientation and gender identity in Germany.

The brochure is available in German, English, French, Albanian, Arabic, Dari, Farsi, Kurdish, Russian and Serbian.

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(All languages can be found in the same document)

Comprehensive information for lesbian, gay, trans, bi-, trans- and intersexual refugees and contact details of advice centres throughout Germany can be found in  this document.  (Only in German)

Daily life in Germany

How do people treat each other in Germany? How do people greet one another? What are the rights of the individual? Can I buy "halal" food?

This brochure aims to answer questions that may come up in your everyday life and is a good introduction to everyday culture.

Available in 16 languages, including English, French, Turkish, Arabic, Farsi and Tigrinya.

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Can be downloaded in all languages at:

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Women's rights:

Which rights do women have in Germany? The "Paritätische Gesamtverband" (Parity General Association) has published a brochure on this subject. Available in the languages:German, English, Kurdish, Arabic, Farsi, French, Turkish.