Recognition of Qualifications

Recognition of foreign educational and professional qualifications

If you have already learnt a profession abroad or completed school: In many cases you can have this qualification recognised in Germany.

If you have any questions on this subject, you can contact the Federal Employment Agency or the Job Centre. On this page you will also find basic information regarding the recognition of educational qualifications. You can also get counselling at the Integrationszentrum (Integration Centre) Ermstal.

Recognition in Germany

The multilingual portal “Recognition in Germany" provides information on how foreign vocational qualifications can be recognised in Germany. The website's special service is the "Recognition Finder": With just a few clicks, the online tool names the person seeking counselling who is responsible for submitting the application.

In addition, it bundles important information on the legal basis, on the recognition procedures in the individual occupations and on counselling services.

Translated into 11 languages.

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German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Romanian, Polish, Turkish, Greek, Russian, Arabic.


The IHK FOSA is the nationwide competence centre for determining the equivalence of foreign vocational qualifications.

Thus, it is the body responsible for all vocational qualification recognitions in the area of the more than 250 dual IHK training occupations and the IHK continuing training occupations (a list of these occupations can be found on the page).

The site also provides information on the application process, possible fees, the procedure and the qualification analysis.

Languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Turkish.

Recognition consultation

Professional qualification from abroad?


We provide counselling.

The recognition consultation of IN VIA informs you on gaining recognition for your foreign professional qualification and accompanies you during the recognition process.

Personal counselling (in Reutlingen and Tübingen) is only possible with an appointment.

Please call in advance or write an e-mail.

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(only available in German)

Anabin - comparison of foreign educational qualifications

The database provides information on assessing foreign educational qualifications. It provides information on which qualifications can be recognised and which body is responsible for recognition. It also supports authorities, employers and private individuals in classifying foreign qualifications when compared to the German education system.

Visit the site (only available in German)

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